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Hey there, I’m Chris Flathmann and I’m a PhD student studying Human Centered Computing at Clemson University as a Research Assistant in the TRACE Research Group. After earning a BS in Computer Science from Clemson University, completing internships at Amazon and Michelin, and working as an undergraduate research assistant at Clemson, I decided that I wanted to pursue a PhD to futher explore and develop my interests in computing. Since entering the Human Centered Computing program and the TRACE Research Group I have developed a large interest in the human side of computing and the interaction between humans and the rapidly developing technology that is Artificial Intelligence. Aside from my research work I also have personal interests and hobbies like oceans and marine life, Monster Hunter, and movies (mainly Sci-Fi and Rom-Com).

Research Interests

  • Human-AI Influence
  • Responsible AI
  • Human-AI Teamwork

Links to More Information

Some Recent Research

Using Human-Agent Teams to Purposefully Design Multi-Agent Systems


  • A research paper outlining a shift in viewing AI teammates as abstracted multi-agents systems that group together to participate in human-agent teams.

HFES Annual Meeting 2019

Invoking Principles of Groupware to Develop and EvaluatePresent and Future Human-Agent Teams

Published, Best Paper Award

  • Uses groupware principles to better contextualize human-agent interactions in both modern and future human-agent teams, based on predictive trends in AI.

ACM Human-AI Interaction (HAI) 2020

Modeling and Guiding the Creation of Ethical Human-AI Teams


  • Models and outlines how the fields of AI ethics and ethical teamwork needs to be viewed through the lens of Human-AI Teaming to understand the complex interactions of ethics in Human-AI Teams.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Society (AIES) 2021

Aggression and Passivity: Exploring Agent Interactions toFacilitate Effective Human-Agent Teaming

Under Review

  • Observes the perceptions humans have of AI teammates with aggressive behaviors, showing that aggressive AI can negatively impact peoples' perceptions of other human teammates.


Work Experience

Clemson Unversity (CURRENT)

Graduate Research Assistant, TRACE Research Group

  • Senior Lead PhD Student for TRACE Research Group Under Dr. Nathan McNeese.
  • Resaerching the balance between levels of influence possessed by human and AI teammates in human-AI teams.


Software Development Engineer Intern, Financial Technology

  • Created and tested automated systems for matching customer financial invoice emails

Clemson University

Undergraduate Research Assistant, DICE Lab

  • Research the effects of latency on high performance computing clusters under Dr. Amy Apon

Clemson University

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Assisted in teaching labs, grading projects, holding office hours, and proctoring exams under Dr. Brian Dean

Michelin North America

Software Development Intern, Research and Development

  • Created C# software for the management of Agile team members, their software responsibilities, and their skillsets

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